For the most current information on the requirements for the Alberta Emission Offset System.
This section provides the links to commonly used resources provided by the Government of Alberta. While, the AEOR attempts to maintain this information to be updated, complete and accurate, there may be discrepancies. The most current and final documents are hosted on the Government of Alberta websites.
About Alberta Climate Change Regulation
To find out more about the Alberta Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) regulation click below.
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Federal Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) and Alberta Emission Offset System
To find out more about the Federal OBPS system and review the list of recognized offset programs and protocols go to Environment and Climate Change Canada website by clicking on the link below. All federal participants must review the Guidance (General and Alberta) to ensure adherence to all rules and criteria.
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Alberta Carbon Registries Manual
Specific guidance related to the use of the Alberta Carbon Registries:
  • Alberta Carbon Registries User Manual: click here
  • User Permissions: click here
  • Guidance for Creating Boundary Files: click here
  • Alberta Carbon Registries FAQ: click here
Guidance Documents
Standards and guidance for project developers, verifiers and protocols developers are provided by the Government of Alberta Environment and Protected Areas on the Alberta Emission Offset System website here.
  • Technical Guidance for Offset Protocol Development and Revision: click here
  • Technical Guidance for the Assessment of Additionality: click here
Quantification Protocols and Supplemental Program Information
Projects registered on the AEOR for the Alberta emission offset system must follow an approved Government of Alberta Protocol. Find the current approved protocols, protocols in development and other supplemental program information here: 
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Aggregated Planning and Reporting Sheets
Aggregated emission offset projects are required to submit an aggregated project planning sheet (APPS), listing two or more subprojects (per definition of aggregated project from the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers), with their Alberta Offset Project Plan (or an updated APPS listing any new subprojects). 

Project developers are required to submit a request into the Registry for their project-specific aggregated project reporting sheet (APRS) from the registry to support each Alberta Offset Project Report and Verification Report submissions.

Current accepted versioning of the Aggregated Project Planning Sheets is 3.1 (Feb 2019); version 1.0 (Sept 2020) Biomass; version 1.2 (Dec 2022) Vent Gas Reduction.
Aerobic Composting  Planning
Conservation Cropping  Not Available
Distributed Renewable Energy Generation  Planning
Energy Efficiency  Planning
Energy Generation from the Combustion of Biomass Waste Planning
Engine Fuel Management/Vent Gas Capture Not Available
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fed Cattle Planning
Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reductions in Agriculture Planning
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Pneumatic Devices Planning
Vent Gas Reduction Planning
Waste Heat Recovery Planning
Wind-Powered Electricity Generation Planning
Offset Project Templates
As prescribed in the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers, the director has provided forms for Alberta emission offset project developers to use. All fields and information requirements must be provided and complete to submit into the Registry for projects. Project developers are responsible for ensuring they are using the most recent versions of the forms/templates.

Document templates for use with Alberta emission offset projects are listed on the Government of Alberta offsets webpage and available here on the Alberta Carbon Registries.

The following forms/ templates are effective for all submissions into the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry and are mandatory to use within 30 days of publishing:
  • Alberta Offset Project Plan form (version 3.1 – January 2023) click here
  • Alberta Offset Project Report form (version 3.1 – January 2023) click here
  • Offset Verification Report Template (version 3.0) click here 
All Alberta emission offset project developers must execute a Statutory Declaration for each verified project registration claim to their Alberta emission offset project. Applicable forms are as follows:
  • Statutory Declaration – General Alberta Offset Projects: click here
  • Statutory Declaration –  CCS/EOR Projects: click here