Welcome to the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry (AEOR) operated by CSA Group, in coordination with the Government of Alberta, Alberta Environment and Protected Areas. 
The use of Alberta-emission offsets is one of the compliance options for facilities regulated by the Carbon Competiveness Incentive Regulation (CCIR) and the Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction Regulation (TIER). An emission offset is an instrument serialized on the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry in recognition of a reduction in the release of a specified gas or a sequestration or geological sequestration of, or a capture of, carbon dioxide. An emission offset project is an activity undertaken to generate emission offsets. Emission offset projects can range in scope and must be implemented using an approved quantification protocol. An emission offset project developer must ensure that emission offsets are verified by a qualified third party assurance provider.
To date, over 55 million Alberta emission offsets have been serialized (November 2019).
Project developers can initiate an emission offset project by submitting an offset project plan, and if applicable an aggregated project planning sheet to the AEOR. Project developers can then register an offset project claim by submitting a verified offset project report, and if applicable an aggregated project reporting sheet, and verification report to the AEOR. The AEOR issues unique serial numbers for the emission offsets and posts this information on Registry public listings.
The CSA Group provides the AEOR infrastructure and public transparency for Alberta emission offsets. More information about CSA Group's GHG Registries.
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For Project Developers, in order to initiate a new project, or modify an existing project, the AEOR requires specific forms and documents to be submitted for processing.