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The Alberta Emissions Offset Registry (AEOR) and the Alberta Emission Performance Credit (EPC) Registry, as operated by CSA Group in coordination with the Government of Alberta, provides the infrastructure to support the ability for regulated facilities to be compliant with the Regulation through the transparent display of Alberta-based emission offsets and Emission Performance Credits. These essential registries track ownership of credits to demonstrate facility-level compliance with carbon reductions outlined within the Act and Regulation, and ensures traceability and transparency of the process.
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Alberta Emissions Performance Credit Registry

EPCs are credits generated by regulated facilities that have reduced below their reduction targets specified in the Regulation. These are represented as one tonne of CO2e reduced is equal to one EPC credit. EPC credits are revocable licenses which can be banked or sold, and ultimately retired by facilities subject to the Regulation to meet their reduction targets.

Alberta Emissions Offset Registry

The standard unit for all GHG credit registries is, one carbon offset credit (emission offset) represents a one-tonne reduction or sequestration in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions expressed in CO2e, resulting from an independently verified project activity. Offset projects range in scope and involve implementation of new management practices, technology and/or control systems that reduce or remove emissions of a given process. All projects listed on the AEOR must meet system requirements as outlined in the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers.
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